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Computer and Printer Repair

Experience, Pride and Commitment.

Welcome to PC Web Center Pros, a business which is not focused on making money, but focused on RESULTS! Now, we know what you are thinking: “How can a business, not want money?”. To be honest we would be thinking the same thing. It all starts with the customer. We are not one of those companies that allows our technicians to put up their hands and go “I dunno?” and still charge the customer for a job not done. You see, we have never been a company that needs to have every answer to every question in the world of IT and computer support, we are a company who genuinely wants and needs to help our customers. The fact of the matter is that every technician who works in IT has some area where he/she lacks knowledge, we know this, and we have tested this theory many times;).

Some techs may be better at Macintosh, some Techs better at PC’s and still other technicians who are better at Linux. Some technicians excel at fixing cell phones, some technicians excel at copier repair, while still other technicians have fat fingers and break everything that they touch. Yes, every one needs money (OK, even us), however you should get results for your money. Click here for information on how you can get the best support for your copiers and printers.

As an absolutely honest company we know we can fix your issue most of the time, but sometimes we cannot and we need help. We know that our type of business model may be unheard of, unorthodox and sound just plain crazy – but in a world of “ordinary citizen taxi cabs” and “online pizza” doesn’t it make sense that a company should come along and provide you with a solution no matter where that solution comes from? Let’s call it “Hive Customer Service”, where the collective services are better than the single technician.

The way that PCWebCenter pro works is: 1) you provide us with a problem that you need solved, 2) we either fix it ourselves or we find someone who can fix it for you and pass the business off to them – all the while providing a fair service for a fair price – if we cannot fix your issue, you pay us nothing – you pay our partners for fixing the issue. You see we want your business, but more importantly, we want to be able to give you the service you want without hemming and hawing over why we cannot do it.

So, long story short, if we cannot fix it, we will find someone who can in a fast and efficient manner. Do you need a printer repaired: we got someone who can do that, do you need help marketing your website – we got you covered. Do you need an awesome gaming computer custom built for your all out Call of Duty frag-fests – no problem – we got the hookup. Do you need to hook up a multiple node, hybrid linux/windows cluster, set it up virtually and hook it up to VMWare Hypervisor – we got somebody for that too! Even if you run a computerized manufacturing plant and you need AS9100 certification – we can still help you with that.

Computer Repair and Networking

We have many years in the PC Repair and Network Repair fields, we have worked for multi-national corporations, local businesses, printer repair companies and AS9100 certified registration firms. We have handled large databases that are worth millions and tiny WordPress sites that are small and humble. We have headed up projects where the company spent years in development costs, and written software to run the most mundane tasks. The bottom line is that we know what we are doing, and better yet we know when and how to find the proper resources if we are stuck. Now we know that this all sounds crazy, but it really does work. Give us a shot! All you have to lose is your computer problems.

Printer Repair and Laptop Repair Partners

At PC Web Center Pros we specialize in personal computers, however, there are certain situations where you might need more than we can provide. We know when you need to have a specialist handle that rather large printer in your office or even offer you a service plan to keep it running smoothly. We have partnered with CPRSC to assist you in this endeavor. For Laptop repairs you often need a specialist and that is why we use a highly qualified outside vendor for all of our laptop repair customers.

As technicians we know we have a few flaws, but we have partners and friends who can augment those flaws so that the job gets done regardless of whether or not we do it. It’s our partners and colleagues who we have known for decades that provide the expertise and the augmentation of our flaws. Together with our partners we can solve any problem and we can provide you with an outstanding and unheard of experience.

Welcome to a new kind of computer repair company, one with a company who has years of experience in the business of computer repair, networking, virus removal and all of the related jargon that goes with it. We believe in results and customer service above all else.

Give us a shot and we guarantee this website will be your last stop for all things PC Repair related and all things networked.

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